SHINE-Autumn Leaves Mix - 12 Colors Set
SHINE-Autumn Leaves Mix - 12 Colors Set

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SHINE-Autumn Leaves Mix - 12 Colors Set

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Enjoy Autumn Leaves Mix - 12 Colors Set

Nail Art Glitter for a variety of uses. This glitter is offered raw for you to mix with your desired medium. We love glitter and have fun creating new combinations to share. There is so much one can do with these Nail Art Glitter Mixes - the possibilities are endless. Each Glitter Mix is combined to create a unique and distinct product with style.

Here are some ideas:

Acrylic - mix with your choice of acrylic powder color. A good ratio is usually 3 to 1 - 3 parts powder to 1 part glitter gives a good work ability.

UV /LED Gel - combine with your choice of Hybrid or Builder Gel- either mix in jar or sprinkle on top.

Acrylic- Encapsulate or apply onto of acrylic for a finish look.

Nail Art- Makeup- Scrap Booking, Crafts, Candle Making and more!!