“STICK iT"- GLUE Gel Bundle
“STICK iT"- GLUE Gel Bundle
“STICK iT"- GLUE Gel Bundle
“STICK iT"- GLUE Gel Bundle

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“STICK iT"- GLUE Gel Bundle

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This Listing Includes; 

1 - 30oz Glue Gel

1- 70z Glue Gel 

1- crown Brush Stand 

1- Embellishments Wax Tool 

1- Wax Tool Replacement Tip 

(choose from 4 color options )


Ever wonder what to use to make your Diamonds and Nail Jewelry stay on your nails or your clients nails? Well we got the product for you! Introducing the best Gel for adhering nail embellishments, rhinestones, decorations &3D Nail Jewelry. Last up to 4-6 Weeks. 

Dries Clear & tack-free. 

Follow these few Easy Steps:

1. Use a gel brush to apply a small amount to the nail surface.

2. Apply nail embellishments, rhinestones, decorations & 

3D Nail Jewelry, work at ease, the gel will allow you to complete 

your entire design.

3. Apply No Cleanse Gel polish (Prior to curing) over any exposed area of gel, for security.

4. Cure in LED- 60 sec. or UV-2 mins.

5. Enjoy your Nail Designs! Last for over 4weeks!

***This Listing is for 1- "Stick iT" Glue  Gel - 20ml/ 1 oz- Refill Size***

(Also available in .7oz travel size)

*Photos are samples of the products and nail designs.