T.A.P Top Gel 15ml - Duo (Seal + Shine)
T.A.P Top Gel 15ml - Duo (Seal + Shine)


T.A.P Top Gel 15ml - Duo (Seal + Shine)

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This Listing: T.A.P- Dual Pack- Top Gel (15ml each)

T.A.P. Hybrid Gel

  • Q: What can I do with it?
  • A: 1. Build Full Nail Extensions over tips or overlay natural nails.
  •      2. Convert Acrylic Fills into Hybrid Gel Fills
  • "Totally Interchangeable"
  • Q: What are the benefits?
  • A: -User Friendly -Easy to Apply -No Primer -No Bonder -Just use 90% Alcohol or Higher to mold and shape!
  • Best of All NO unpleasant odor or monomer smells!!!!!!


T.A.P. Hybrid Gel ~ Step by Step Instructions:
1. Prep the cuticle area with the T.A.P. Stone Pusher.
2. Add NailTip Extensions (optional).
3. Prep the natural nails beds and or tip extensions and file away the natural shine.
4. Apply T.A.P. Primer + Bonder Base Gel Coat & cure 30sec.
5. Slice Off T.A.P. Gel Product using T.A.P. Slice DUO Gel Brush.
6. Apply T.A.P. Hybrid Gel directly into nail for full coverage. 7. Use Alcohol Solution 90% or higher.
8. "Tap" & smooth T.A.P. Hybrid Gel to create your coverage and shape options.
9. Cure 60sec.
10. Remove from lamp.
11. Apply T.A.P. Top Gel sealer, cure 60 sec. before shaping & filing.  
**OPTION wipe with alcohol solution then shape & file.
11. Buff smooth.
12. Remove all debris.
13. Apply T.A.P. No-Cleanse Top Gel Coat & cure 60sec.
14. (Optional) Paint designs or add embellishment before Final Top Gel Coat.