Training On How to Perform a Hybrid Gel Fill 


T.A.P Hybrid Gel Nail Art Encapsulation Nail Art

T.A.P. 3D Encapsulated French Designs

T.A.P Hybrid Gel - Basic Gel French Applications

How to Safety Remove T.A.P Hybrid Gel Enhancements Videos

SHINE- How to Safely Remove Products using Tungsten Bits

How to Remove Products Using A Tornado Bit

Shine And Design Foil & Crystal Nail Art

T.A.P Hybrid Gel - Encapsulated Nail Art w/Fruits and 3D Chrome Effects

SHINE - Quick Foil & Nail Art Design - FLOWER & LACE

SHINE & GO PressOn Videos

 Shine And Design w/ Jazz Z Beauty Training Classes Via FACEBOOK Group- LIVE CLASSES

Date: May 21, 2020/ FB Live Training Class

Subject: Talking about Nail Shapes, Tips and Forms

Date: March 12, 2020/ FB Live Training Class

Subject: Hybrid Gel French Application & Nail Art

March 14th, 2020/ FB Live Training Class