SHINE- Reverse Dual Form Tips- 100pcs- Box Set

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Reusable Nail Dual forms are very popular right now. Dual forms can make your work super easy and fast with minimum filling.

Dual nail forms look like plastic nail tips, but unlike regular tips, they are reusable and can be filled with hard gels or acrylics and then applied to the nails, no tips, no glue and no paper forms needed.

One of the best things about dual nail forms is once you apply the dual form to the nail (with gel or acrylic) you get a beautiful arch (the arch so many of us try to achieve).

How to use reusable dual nail forms?

  • Choose the perfect Dual Form to fit your nail beds.
  • Prep the natural beds.
  • Apply Hybrid Gel, Polygel or Acrylics to the inside of the Dual Form.
  • Evenly spread the product to your desire lengths (I recommend to  go longer then intended and you can always cut it shorter afterwards).
  • Apply onto the natural nail bed and hold still with your fingers or Nail Clips: *If it's acrylic, then hold for 30 seconds or until firm. ** If it's gel, then hold in place lightly or clip the form and place under the gel lamp for 30 seconds before letting go. 
  • After the enhancement is cure, simply POP off the Dual Forms.
  • Shape and buff the desire shape. 
  • Continue to apply additional gel or polish to your nails.