SHINE- Russian Manicure Diamond Bits Set

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Russian Manicure Kit 

Includes 10 pcs Set.

1. Safety Bit
(Push Back Cuticles)

2. Cylinder Bit
(Around the Nail Plate cleanup)

3. Small Cylinder Bit
(Under the Cuticle Cleanup)

4. Nib Bit
(Corner Under the Cuticle Cleanup)

5. Cone Safety Bit
(Under Cuticle)

6. Cone Ball Bit
(Remove Cuticles)

7. Round Ball Bit
(Removes Cuticles)

8. File Bit
(Smooth Nail Plate)

9. Callus Bit
(Removes tough skin)

10. Brush Bit
(Clean off Dust & Debris)


(E-File Drill is not included)